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Sick Building Syndrome

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If you suspect that you or your loved ones may be suffering from sick building syndrome (or SBS), Iron Dog Inspections wants you to know you’re not alone.

The World Health Organization reports that as many as 30% of new and remodeled buildings around the world may be linked to symptoms of SBS and could benefit from comprehensive mold testing to rule out the cause.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick building syndrome is defined as a combination of ailments associated either with your home or place of work. Symptoms can vary widely but generally include:

  • Headache
  • Eye, throat or nose irritation
  • Dry cough
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Odor sensitivity
    In most cases, sick building syndrome symptoms ease or disappear completely when the individual leaves the environment.

What causes Sick Building Syndrome?

The causes of sick building syndrome vary almost as much as the symptoms but often include:

  • Indoor air pollution from pollutants such as adhesives or cleaning agents
  • Outdoor air pollution that enters the home or building such as car or building exhaust
  • Biological contaminants such as toxic mold, bacteria, pollen or viruses
    Comprehensive mold testing by Iron Dog Inspections can help determine whether toxic mold growth may be contributing to the ailments you or your loved ones may be experiencing. If it turns out that Iron Dog Inspections discovers mold in your home or business building, mold remediation can eliminate the source of sick building syndrome and restore your family or employees to good health.

Sick Building Syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally it starts with yourself. Have yourself tested to determine what is causing your illness. Once tested and your allergies are known we can then test your home to see if there are comparable elements in your home.

There are many over the counter or testing devices available through the internet. Do your homework on what you purchase, a common complaint we hear are the results are inconclusive.

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