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Mold Inspections and Testing

Iron Dog Inspections

Prospective home buyers who are seeking to protect their potential investment as well as existing home owners can benefit from comprehensive mold inspection and testing by Iron Dog Inspections, the only mold inspection company in Ohio with a mold dog.

Should my home, school, or building be inspected for mold?

While many properties are mold free, the health risks associated with toxic mold are numerous and it’s best to know what you’re dealing with before you commit to a purchase. If you already own a home and suspect there is mold, a mold inspection and testing can determine whether any health effects you may be experiencing are the results of toxic mold growth, also known as sick building syndrome


Mold Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every situation is unique.  We need to have one of our certified mold inspectors to evaluate your unique situation. 

In most cases no.  Iron Dog can take safety measures to ensure the safety for your family and home.  However there are cases depending on how extensive the fungal growth is and the type of mold.

This is case by case depending on how extensive the fungal growth is and what type of symptons are being experienced by people in the dwelling. 

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