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Iron Dog Inspections

Our Goal

Iron Dog's goal is to provide the highest quality services for building inspections, radon testing, radon mitigation, mold testing and mold remediation in Northeast Ohio. We strive to deliver this service by being committed to our clients and continued education for Iron Dog's team to provide the latest techniques and innovations of our industry.

Our credentials

Iron Dog Inspections also participates in a number of industry associations
and is proud to bring you the following qualifications:

Why use a mold dog?

Mold must be found before it can removed. In many cases the mold can be located by professional mold inspector. Many times the mold can elude even the most comprehensive inspection. Mold scent detection dogs can pinpoint the scent of the mold source. This will allow us to zero in on the area to be remediated.

Meet the Mold Dog

Iron Dog currently has one Certified Scent Detection Dog. Blaze is a 9 year old Lab Shepard mix we rescued when he was 10 months old. He was sent for training at the Florida Canine Academy for 4 months. Blaze is certified to detect mold and bed bugs. Gunner is new to the Iron Dog family. He is 14 month old Husky. Gunner will emBARK on his initial training in March of 2021.

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